Faculty Faculty in both the College of Business and the School of Library and Information Science are invited to register to serve as a virtual internship faculty supervisor.
What is Virtual Internship? A virtual internship is an agreement between a student and an internship site that provides students with on-the-job training experience in a professional setting in exchange for their services. Both the student and the site benefit from this mutual agreement. All work is conducted over the Internet using information and communication technologies. An internship allows a student to obtain professional work experience while pursuing defined learning outcomes, testing theories and applying skills learned in other courses taken during the student's program. A virtual internship provides these same and additional benefits. Virtual interns can work from the comfort of their own homes or while traveling. They can perform many of their duties evenings and weekends. And they can interact with and learn from experienced professionals regardless of their geographic location.
Questions? Please contact the virtual internship pilot project coordinators: Dr. Nitin Aggarwal, College of Business, or Dr. Patricia C. Frannks, School of Library and Information Science.
e: nitin.aggarwal@sjsu.edu e: patricia.franks@sjsu.edu
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Student  Students in the College of Business and the School of Library and Information Science are invited to register and search for a virtual internship opening for Spring 2013. Students are asked to follow the directions provided by the employer to apply for a position.  Company Employers seeking the assistance of a virtual intern for Spring 2013 are invited to register and provide information about their internship opportunity.
About Virtual Internship This database was designed as part of a pilot project to expand internship opportunities to students in both the School of Library and Information Science and the College of Business funded by a Curricular Innovation Project grant. The database, in beta form, is a work in progress.
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What are the benefits of hosting a virtual intern? Organizations that participate in a virtual internship program have access a larger applicant pool, since location is no longer a factor for prospective interns. They incur lower costs of hosting a virtual intern, since the student most often uses their own equipment from their own homes. They can revive important projects that have been neglected due to lack of employee time. And they can harness innovative ideas contributed by forward-thinking, tech-savvy, self-motivated students.
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