Questions? Please contact the virtual internship pilot project coordinators: Dr. Nitin Aggarwal, College of Business, or Dr. Patricia C. Frannks, School of Library and Information Science.
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Fast facts about our school's virtual internships: Internships can be unpaid or paid (by the host institution). Internships can be completely virtual or a combination of onsite and virtual work if appropriate. Internships last for one semester (15 weeks in Spring and Fall, 10 weeks in Summer). Interns typically work 135 hours for 3 units of credit. Interns work with their virtual internship site supervisor and a faculty internship supervisor to negotiate specific learning outcomes.
What is an internship? An internship is a field-based, supervised, professional learning experience that takes place in a library, business, government agency, archive, records repository, or another information organization. An internship allows the student to obtain work experience while pursuing defined learning outcomes. It is designed to provide the student an opportunity to test theories and to apply skills learned in other courses taken during the student's program.
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Virtual Internship Site Supervisors Virtual internship site supervisors collaborate with our internship faculty to provide rich, structured field learning experiences for our students in a variety of professional settings. As interns gain new knowledge, explore career options, and expand their professional connections, they also participate in a two-way exchange of knowledge with their supervisors and other employees at their host institution.
To Register and List Your Internship Opportunity: Register your organization, here. Log in using your ID and password. Select Post an Internship. Complete the form to post your internship position.  
Identifying an Intern for your Internship Opportunity Students will search the database to identify potential internship positions, and will follow the application instructions included on your listing. You may interview as many applicants as you wish, though you are under no obligation to select one of our interns. If you offer an internship position to one of our students and they accept, they must present you with at least 3 student learning objectives (SLOs) that they intend to meet as a result of participation in this internship position. This will serve to clarify their expectations. Once you both agree on the SLOs, the students will either identify an intern advisor and seek their agreement to serve as faculty supervisor (college of business) or complete an online application form and register for the Internship course (school of library & information science).  Once the student has had their application approved by the faculty supervisor, they will contact you to arrange their schedule of work.  
Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise with students at San José State University through our Virtual Internship program!
Responsibilities of a Site Supervisor