U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library
Website Categories A Use of Faceted Classification for categorizing photos.
The website has a seven ways a photo could be classified and is a faceted classification that goes two levels deep: Earthqukes; Mines, Mills, Quarries; Mount St. Helens; National Parks; Photographers; Pioneer Photographers; and Portrait Collection. After that, the photo is labled by the name of the event, place, or person and then the date or just the name and this is alphabatized. Each photo after that is identified by the initials of the photographer and then by the number in the order it was posted online. The site also allows for a key word search, but this is limited in that it will only search for the items that have that keyword in the description or the name I wasn’t able to uncover this history of the vocabulary, but I did uncover that the collection isn’t maintained strictly, which means that  there is no standard system for these photos on the website. The person responsible for the system is the special collections librarian who feels the collection would benefit from implementing such a system.  
Classification System 
The person I interviewed mentions, “It is cumbersome to continually go to different vocabularies. Additionally, it is difficult to take full advantage of the linkages found in vocabularies, ex. BT, NT, RT, and the potential for improvement of retrieval if vocabulary capabilities are not integrated into the end-user system.